Jan 232011

Series vs Parallel Resistance Measurement:

Get two resistors and mount them in a breadboard/protoboard.

Check the resistance of each using the Ohm setting on the multimeter.

Resistance  Activity Questions:

  1. What is the resistance of R1? ___________         of R2? ___________
  2. What is the resistance when they are placed in series?  (in a row)

    Resistors in series

  3. What is thetheoretical total resistance?  (Rt = R1 + R2)
  4. Measure the resistance when they are placed parallel (side by sde):
  5. Calculate what the parallel resisance should be   1/Rt  = 1/R1 + 1/R2 + ..

    Resistors in parallel

  6. Does the difference between the calculated and measured values fall within the tolerance? Explain