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How to Read Capacitor Value Codes:

  • Capacitance is the ability to store electrons and is measured in Farads.
  • One Farad is a very large value! So most capacitors are measured in MicroFarads (uF) or even Picofarads (pF).

capacitor values

What do the letters on a capacitor mean?

Letters that follow the number codes (ex: 103J or 252M) are the tolerance, or how much a capacitor may deviate from its official value. Common values are shown below:

E +/- 0.5% F +/- 1%
G +/- 2% H +/- 3%
J +/- 5% K +/- 10%
M +/- 20% N +/- 30%
P +100% ,-0% Z +80%, -20%

Different classes of capacitors have different meanings for their letter codes.  You can find a very good listing of all capacitor codes at TransTronics and more on ceramic codes at wikipedia.

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