Jan 302011

Arduino Board:

Arduino Quick-Specs

  • Input voltage: 7-12 V (Automatically selects between USB power and DC or Vin)
  • Current ( I/O pins ): 40 mA
  • Vin pin: Can supply voltage to Arduino through this pin (or access it when using USB or power jack)
  • Gnd pin: ground Pins
  • 5V pin: A 5V supply used to power microcontroller, etc.
  • 3V3: A 3.3 V supply generated by arduino (50 mA max draw)
  • Reset pin: resets microcontroller. (make voltage low to use)
  • Digital pins:
  • PWM: (pins 3,5,6,9,10,11) Allow 8-bit pulse width modulation
  • Analog Inputs: 10 bits (1024 values) from 0 to 5V
  • AREF: reference voltage for analog inputs

Full Specs for various boards:

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