Jan 072011

1) Answer the following:

  1. What are the gold and silver bands on a resistor for?
  2. What do bands 1, 2 and 3 mean on a resistor?
  3. Show the two types of schematic pictures for a resistor (USA vs European).

2) Using a resistor color chartĀ calculate the value of the following resistors:

  1. Orange Orange Brown Gold.
  2. Yellow Violet Brown, Gold.
  3. Brown Balck Red, Gold.
  4. Brown Black Orange, Gold.
  5. Brown Black Yellow, Gold.
  6. Brown Black Green, Gold

3) What are the color bands on the following value resistors with a 5% tolerance? (remember “K” means Kilo or thousands of ohms while “R” simply means the number of ohms)

  1. 11K
  2. 77R
  3. 10K
  4. 470K
  5. 44K
  6. 240K
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